Mission Impossible Mendip

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Nothing is impossible if you work together, communicate, plan, adapt, think and overcome. Ten impossible missions await!

Mission Impossible starts with a communal briefing before teams set off around our woodland estate with a dedicated instructor to the ten mission sites. 


Every mission has been designed to put your teams communication, ingenuity, delegation, team work and decisiveness to the test - they are also so much fun you'll be talking about them for months!


The first team to complete the missions, crack the final code and unlock the prize box will win the trophy and earn the right to stand on the winners podium and pop open a bottle of bubbly! Remember though - working smart beats working fast!




This ultimate team combat sport combines all the best bits of paintballing, archery and dodgeball - without the bruises, mess or expensive ammo! 

With battle scenarios and game formats to suit all ages this really is the combat game you have to try - a challenging, exciting experience, no matter your ability. We'll kit you out with a bow, face mask, arm guard and foam tipped arrows, give you a full safety briefing and explain the rules of engagement before setting you loose on the battlefield. 

We are also completely mobile and can come to you - ArcheryActive is perfect, indoors or out, for youth camps, festivals, birthday parties, stag and hen dos, or any fun gathering. 




Following a briefing, your teams will start their time with us on our exciting assault course. 

Under the supervision of our expert instructors, your teams will work together to complete each of the obstacles. The team that completes each one most effectively will win the best equipment needed to build their winning raft. 

After completing the assault course, the teams will work together with guidance from of their instructor to build their raft, before taking it to the water.

Once on the river, the teams are tasked, to recover the treasure. - The winning team will be victorious and will be crowned a step ahead of the Rat Race.  

Our challenges will require your teams to think about how they are working together.  Our instructors will help them improve their communication, delegation and cooperation, to become the winning team.

The assault course element can be changed for archery on the standard, half day event. The assault course can be combined with archery for a whole day event.



£4.17 + VAT  PER PERSON 

Frisbee golf is simple, straightforward and surprisingly competitive! It is the ideal way for small teams to spend time together in an informal, relaxed environment. 


After a short briefing, head out into our woodland armed with a frisbee each, a map and a scorecard. Frisbee golf is similar to regular golf but instead of a club and a ball, you have a frisbee. Take it in turns aiming your frisbee towards a metal basket and try to get it in within as few throws as possible. 


Making your way around the course, all set in the beautiful Mendip Hills Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, you’ll soon be competing for the best score! 


Frisbee Golf is a great way to start or end a day of offsite meetings. Add one of our venue hire options and a catering package to create a productive and fun team away day. 




Sure it would be great if you could take your company away to Alps for a staff retreat, but we know that this isn’t possible for the majority of companies. 


Let us design a snowsport day, tailor made to your staff and their abilities. We’ll kit out experienced skiers and snowboarders with all they need to hit the slope whilst our instructors coach beginners through an introduction to skiing or snowboarding. Our experienced coaches will use fun games and challenges to teach the basics of snowsports. 


Follow your time on the slopes with a hot chocolate or mulled wine in our alpine themed cafe-bar. We even offer authentic, Alpine themed catering packages to really make you feel like you’ve had a day in the mountains. 




Our extensive range of target sports makes for a great, varied day away from desks!
Choose your own adventure or let us put together a package for you. Our target sports include:

Archery: Our purpose built range is great for an introduction to archery and if you’re looking for a fun way for your team to spend time together learning a new skill.

Air Rifles: Our instructors demonstrate all the features of our rifles and give you a full safety briefing. Then we'll use games and challenges to help you improve your shot accuracy and consistency. 

Axe Throwing: Experience the thrill of throwing an axe at a target in the great outdoors. It's all about technique not strength, making it a great activity for a range of abilities. 


Any one activity for a 1.5 hour session: £30.00+VAT per person

Choose 2 activities for a half day session £47.50+VAT per person

Choose 3 activities for a 4 hour activity session @ £77.50+VAT per person

Choose all 4 activities for a full day, 5 hour activity session @ £85.83+VAT per person