We can provide a diverse and exciting range of adventurous outdoor activities and unique learning environments within our 250-acre woodland site and water sport venue.

- Abseiling
- Archery
- Archery Active
- Axe throwing
- Bushcraft
- Canoeing
- Crate stack challenge
- Climbing
- Frisbee Golf
- Field Archery  (NEWfor 2021!)
- Kayaking
- Mountain biking
- Mission Impossible
- Orienteering
- Raft building
- Rifle shooting
- Skiing
- Snowboarding
- Tobogganing
Our instructors are the best in the business! Fully qualified and focused on providing the best opportunities for young people.

TARGET sports 

Archery: Our floodlit archery range is great for an introduction to traditional archery and our experienced instructors ensure everyone has a great time learning a new skill together! 

​Archery Active: the ultimate team combat sport combines all the best bits of paintballing, archery and dodgeball - without the bruises, mess or expensive ammo! Our new floodlit range is the perfect base to play and we can arrange non-contact game formats if your group prefers! 


Air Rifles: Our flood-lit shooting range makes air rifles a year round activity! Our fully qualified instructors will demonstrate all the features of our rifles and give a full safety briefing. Then we'll use games and challenges to help improve your shot accuracy and consistency. 


Axe Throwing: Experience the thrill of throwing an axe at a target on one of our flood-lit ranges. It's all about technique not strength, making it a great activity for a range of abilities. 


Field Archery: NEW for 2021! Hidden deep within our ancient woodland are a series of three dimensional, life-like targets. An authentic, exciting and challenging archery experience. 


Our range of snowsports means there is something for every group, age and budget. 

Tobogganing: tobogganing is our most popular activity for groups. Our flood-lit, outdoor toboggan slope is great fun all year round, whatever the weather. Everyone loves the freedom of rushing down the slope on their own Zibob toboggan. This is a great activity to introduce the fun of snowsports! 

Skiing and Snowboarding: Thousands of young people have leant to ski and snowboard on our flood-lit snowsport slope. Whether you’re looking for a fun, one off ski or snowboard experience or a series of lessons to get everyone skiing or snowboarding, our experienced instructors will tailor their coaching to the group to ensure everyone has fun whilst learning a new skill. 

If you have experienced skiers or snowboarders in your group, bring them along - they can explore the slope whilst the rest have lessons. 

We can even offer catering packages, why not follow your snowsport session with an apres-ski hot chocolate to really make it feel like you’ve all had a day in the mountains!



Climbing: possibly our biggest confidence-boosting activity. Nothing quite beats the buzz of conquering an epic rock face! Our private rock sport quarry has something for everything. From routes ideal for beginner climbers to a daring 150ft abseil, the highs from these rock sports will stay with your group long after they are back on solid ground. 

Abseiling: Abseiling requires no skill, little effort and no prior experience, the real challenge is in the mind. You're guaranteed a thrilling mix of emotions - and afterwards, an uncontrollable urge to do it all again. 

Caving: Caves remain a consistent temperature so adventures underground are the ideal year round activity! We even have the perfect beginner cave right onsite at our activity centre!


The Mendip Hills is home to a huge network of caves and we know the best ones for all levels of ability. Great as a one-off experience or book a progressive course. 

Crate Stack: Our roped crate stack challenge is set in the heart of the woods. A perfect team activity that requires design, planning and execuiton. What height can the team achieve?


Did you know that we have our own water sports location with private river access? Hewish is just a few minutes from J21 of the M5 and we offer kayaking, open canoeing and raft building activities. 

Kayaking: our private section of the River Yeo is a great place to learn the basics of kayaking and what to do if you capsize! Fun mini games and challenges will develop your new skills and build your confidence with our friendly, qualified instructor on hand throughout. 

Canoeing: open canoes are great fun as you can share your boat with one or two others. This is a test of skill, balance, communication and teamwork. 

Raft building: could you survive being shipwrecked? Use your ingenuity to turn a pile of poles, rope and barrels into a raft to keep you and your crew afloat! Race your raft and complete the challenges before using your raft as a floating platform for jumping off.

Rafting sessions are great fun and educational too. You'll learn about knots, lashings, and the principles of a stable raft. 

If you’re looking for even more adventure, ask about our river trip options! 


Bushcraft: can your group survive in the wilderness? Put them to the test with a bushcraft and survival skills session. With 200 acres of ancient woodland our site has plenty of clearings where you’ll feel like you’re in the middle of nowhere whilst you build shelters, start fires and cook some food. 

We can provide forest school sessions, taster bushcraft sessions or full-day survival activites.

Assault course: tackle our infamous assault course. The original team building activity, our assault course isn’t about strength or speed but about working together to conquer each obstacle. Our friendly instructors will be setting challenges and cheering you on. Depending on the length of the session, we can include a river crossing!

Team Building: over the years, we have created a whole series of team building challenges that will get everyone thinking and working together. Demonstrating the important of trust, communication and teamwork. Our instructors will set problem solving challenges that are suited to your team and we can design these to achieve any specific learning goals you have.


Frisbee golf is simple, straightforward and surprisingly competitive! Small groups make their way around our woodland course, perfect for youth groups or team building. 

After a short briefing, head out into our woodland armed with a frisbee each, a map and a scorecard. Frisbee golf is similar to regular golf but instead of a club and a ball, you have a frisbee. Take it in turns aiming your frisbee towards a metal basket and try to get it in within as few throws as possible. 


Making your way around the course, all set in the beautiful Mendip Hills Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, you’ll need to use some basic navigation skills to follow your map between baskets.  


Once everyone is back at base, add up your totals to find the best individual player and the best team! 


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