Embracing change 

 Trust & tolerance 


 Managing stressful situations 

 Accountability and difficult conversations 

 Support, mental health & well-being 


An all new, safe, engaging and inclusive developmental exercise played out across our hidden woodland retreat.

The government have announced a major incident as they receive intelligence of a potentially devastating nuclear incident. Now an active training centre, our 250 acre woodland estate was once home to a classified government research facility and your team finds yourself at the centre of the action.


Can redacted government documents, hastily abandoned equipment and cryptic codes lead your team to stop the nuclear meltdown? You only have a matter of hours to stop the device and alert the government.

Your team is humanity's last hope.

Our facilitated, COVID secure, task-oriented approach allows for an engaging, appropriately distanced, outdoor team experience with the small added motivation of saving the world.​


Our unique, immersive format brings training to life. At each stage you’ll get space and time to reflect and make the connection to real-life relevance.


Tell us what specific new Covid challenges your team face and we will change the emphasis of each task to match your needs. You’ll leave as an inspired, united and stronger team, excited for future challenges. 

Outbreak is suitable for teams of between 6 and 24


COVID SECURE, face-to-face TRAINING for teams adapting to covid-19