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£150 up to 4 participants

+ £18 per additional participant


£200 up to 4 participants
+ £25 per additional participant 


£250 up to 4 participants
+ £35 per additional participant



3 hours

Communicate, plan, adapt, think and overcome your way around our woodland challenges. Bring your group together and complete the impossible mission!


We’ll start the sessions with a briefing before you head out into the ancient woodland to solve missions. Each team will have a dedicated instructor to keep you safe, explain the tasks at hand and help you navigate the woodland. 


Each mission has been designed to put your teams communication, ingenuity, teamwork and decisiveness to the test.


Complete the missions, crack the final code and unlock the prize box to win the trophy and earn the right to stand on the winners podium and pop open a bottle of bubbly!



Archery Active is the ultimate team combat sport - it combines all of the best bits of paintballing, archery and dodgeball - without the bruises, mess or expensive ammo! 


Our purpose-built archery active arena is the perfect space for battle scenarios and mini games, all led by your own instructor. We’ll start the session with kitting everyone out with a bow, face mask, arm guard and foam tipped arrows. After a short intro session to get everyone shooting sharp, we’ll split you into teams ready to let loose on the battlefield! 

1.5 hours 


Hidden away, just outside of Weston-super-Mare, is our private watersport site.


Always a popular activities for Stag and Hens, Raft Building is an activity of two parts.

Working together with your team, assemble a raft and then take it for a paddle along the river. Compete with other teams, undergo challenges and see who survives the longest....Only the successful will stay dry!

2 hours


assault course

At the same site as our watersports venue, you can find our hidden, legendary assault course.


Our instructors are experts in bringing this course to life and putting your group through their paces! 


Whether you are looking for a relaxed way for everyone to get to know each other or a tasking challenge for the bride or groom to-be, our instructors will adapt the assault course session to your group and make sure everyone has a huge amount of fun.

2 hours



1.5 hours

Channel your inner viking with our range of traditional target sports. 


Archery. Remains one of our most popular activities. No experience is required, your fully qualified instructor team will get everyone hitting the targets in no time. After a quick briefing, we will improve your skills with mini games and challenges all on our purpose built, floodlit archery range. 


Axe throwing. All about technique, not strength - making this the ideal activity for an informal way for your group to get to know each other. Your dedicated instructor will explain what to do, giving you demos and plenty of time to throw axes at a series of targets.

Air rifle. A chance to test out your aim. Our outdoor covered rifle range is nestled in the woods. Develop your skill level through challenges: this is the ultimate competitive sport.


kayak | canoe | SUP

2 hours 

Take to the water! Learn the basics in whichever craft you choose before a short paddle along the river. Choose between: 


Kayaking: Kayaks are individual boats, with two blade paddles so each person will have their own boat. This is perfect if you want to get a bit of competition going on the water! Learn how to use a paddle and what to do if you capsize. 


Canoeing: Open canoes each sit two people so communication is a must when it comes to paddling together- if you want to go in a straight line! Canoes are much more stable than kayaks so less likely to capsize (but great fun to tip!).

Stand up Paddle boarding: Start off with kneeling down and then before you know it you'll be an expert standing, jumping and playing around on your large inflated paddle board. Awesome fun!


rock climbing 

2 hours

One for the adrenaline junkies!


Our climbing sessions take place outdoors, on a real rockface. We're fortunate to have our very own private rocksports quarry where youll find yourself in an epic location worthy of a film set!


Everyone will be kitted out with a safety harness and helmet before learning how to clip in, climb and safely belay partners. Qualified instructors will be with you every step of the way, helping you reach the highest heights! 

Rock climbing goes really well hand in hand with caving.




3 hours

Did you know that the Mendip Hills  has one of the best underground networks of caves in the country?


Explore the fascinating Goatchurch cavern, the ideal cave for beginners. This is no show cave- instead, expect to squeeze, climb and pull yourself through the twists, turns and chambers of this underground world. 

Adventure caving is great fun. An awesome way to get to know each other and explore a world normally reserved for very few!



1.5 hours

Spend some time in our ancient woodland learning basic bushcraft skills with our experience instructors.

Learn different fire lighting techniques, learn about knife skills and have a relaxed, chilled out time.

A perfect activity to pair with one of our target sports.



Our bar, cafe, The Alpine Lounge, will be open when you come to visit, serving a wide range of meals, bar snacks, as well as soft drinks, hot brews and local alcoholic drinks.


No need to book in advance!